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Our Story Zaliwana Accessories

- Our Story

Zaliwana Accessories came about due to Pamela’s inherent passion for all things bright and beautiful, more so to recognise each person’s individuality. You will find an enormous amount of this on the website. Nature is one the most beautiful elements in life! Whether walking through the dry arid Savannah or damp English forests, floral laden Swiss forests or dry and hot Hungarian forests, a sense of peace, excitement, joy and flow transforms Pamela, founder of Zaliwana Accessories. Pamela says she also incurs these feelings when engaging with suppliers and communities she works with to stock her shop. At the centre of Zaliwana Accessories, are it’s customers, for whom Pamela has worked hard to stock her shop with quality and Eclectic wares that bring joy and content to every person that purchases from Zaliwana Accessories, but most of all, products that demonstrate as much as possible every person’s
individuality. By nature, all humans are eclectic, therefore, it is the belief that there is a special gift for everyone on this eclectic website; be it a stunning vase for the house, a majestic decoration as a gift, soft toy for a friend’s baby or just a sumptuous bunch of fresh flowers to cheer oneself up!

Like Zaliwana Accessories, our customers love all things bright and beautiful, products that are of good quality and sustainably sourced- we value our customers and listen well to their feedback in order to improve the products we source for them. On our Communities page, are the various lovely people we work with- they make Zaliwana Accessories happen.

Earth Conciousness

At Zaliwana Accessories, we spend time thinking about our planet and how it will survive the great harshness of Climate change. Some products on our website are ecologically sourced from family and small businesses, convinced that this is the best way to reduce the enormous use of fossil fuels and emissions of Greenhouse gases causing Climate change. Join us in creating a community that is Earth conscious through education and our daily practices.